Pembatasan Impor Barang Hortikultura dan High Cost Economy

I just read the news at said yesterday inflation in February 2013, is the highest in the last 10 years.
 Inflation is a condition in which the prices of goods in general rose da continuous.
February inflation figures yesterday touched 5.31%. One of the things that led to this inflation is the restriction of imports of goods increased horticulture.
There are several factors that can cause this phenomenon occurs. Indonesian citizens still have a high level of dependence on imported goods. Increased revenues Indonesian citizens can also lead to an increase in the rate of consumption of imported goods. In addition, High cost economy also helped to enliven factor increased consumption of imported goods. Price of domestic goods sometimes tend to be more expensive than imported goods. The reason? High cost ya because this economy.
High Cost Economy own definition I have not found. But a trivial example of this “Pontianak orange shipping fee to the island of Java is relatively higher than the cost of shipping from China Oranges” less is more like it. What is there to include High Cost Economy? Labor issues, bureaucracy, interest rate, and infrastructure are some of the things highlighted as a cause of High Cost Economy. But now I want to discuss the issue of infrastructure.
Data from the World Economic Forum, the quality of Indonesia’s infrastructure is among the lowest in Asia. Imagine, Indonesia with thousands of islands, but is not supported with good infrastructure. In fact, the natural resources in Indonesia is very rich. Yet only a place where residents can enjoy the natural resources is obtained. Suppose that the natural resources can be distributed evenly, how much revenue will be received by Indonesia of its own natural wealth?
If for example, a producer who lives in Sumatra X want to distribute goods to consumers on the island of Java, manufacturers assume X will distribute by truck using the road trip connected with the ship. If roads in Sumatra was very alarming, imagine how much that would cost incurred by the company X for vehicle servicing. Distribution process may not only be done once or twice. Certainly repeatedly. How large is the cost that will be incurred after accumulated, assume for a year? Great is not it? This is a huge cost that will affect the determination of the selling price of an item. No wonder the price of goods from firm X is so high.
Restrictions on imports of horticultural goods, would relieve domestic producers. However, if their own domestic producers can not compete in their own country, this is a worrying thing for business competition climate in Indonesia.
So little my analysis, I just ordinary high school kids who are changing the direction of the blog post. Thank you: D

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