susan: good morning sir
pakbos: morning susan. what is it?
susan: I want to talk briefly with you could?
pakbos: me could susan
susan: so here, I am intending to resign from the job
pakbos: Why do you want to go out in this job?
susan: because I want to go back to my area
pakbos: indeed in the area ye there is job what?
susan: my parents have breeding duck and I want to develop my family business
pakbos: I hope you did not resign. but karna ye want like it, all right.
susan.sebenarnya I do not want get out, karna I love with house my. like it or not. I had to choose the best.
pakbos: many people here who want to have a job like here. I need the bleak you.
susan: pak. I wanted to resign in work this. me beg the father of condone.
pakbos: okay if you want that, I accept it.
susan: thanks sir’ve fulfilled my request.
pakbos. equally susan. hopefully you are glad in kampung yard
susan: I came out first.
pakbos: susan caution.

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